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Open Letter to Amuse Co., Ltd        (【英語版】アミューズへの公開質問状)


The talent agency Amuse, which Mr. Haruma Miura belonged to hasn’t had a press conference yet for the last four months, even though there is a lot of social pressure from people who want to know the truth.

So, I will propose the most frequently asked questions people demand to know regarding his death.

I hope you can sincerely answer my questions asked below.

Sequences toward his death
According to your company’s announcement right after his death, he was found by his manager at around 12:30 in the afternoon of July 18, and then his death was confirmed at the hospital at 2:10 PM. However, there are many people who have heard the news about him on TV or internet news at an earlier time (as of 6 o’clock, 9:30, or even the day before). Wasn’t it happening a lot earlier than the reported time?

Also, how he was found is unclear:  On that day, the movie shooting was from the afternoon but he didn’t appear at the site, so his manager went to his house and found him, but then later the description has changed to “his manager was supposed to pick Haruma-san up so he went to his house, but Haruma-san wouldn’t come out of the room and was unable to be reached by the phone, so he asked the apartment manager to unlock his room and then found him”. 

What is the real situation? Could you explain it in a proper time sequence? 

He also said the first aid could confirm that his heart was still beating slightly, but if he really hanged himself and his heart was still beating when found, then it had to have been done 10-15 minutes before the manager opened the door. People who want to commit suicide won’t try to kill themselves when somebody might come in at any moment. This is really strange.

Additionally, there is an anonymous witness of medical personnel who says his body was covered with cuts and bruises and a lot of bones were cracked when he was hospitalized.

The drama shooting was to start from the afternoon on the 18th according to Amuse’s description, but some media sources reported that it was from the morning, and one extra testified that there was an announcement at 10 o’clock in the morning like, “something very serious happened so you folks are dismissed”.  Wasn’t the shooting actually from that morning?

In the case of his death that was confirmed at 2:10 PM at the hospital, TV announced it only 56 minutes later and it was also said to be “suspected suicide” before they performed the autopsy or any other investigation. How did you tell each mass media?  Please explain it to us from the time you confirmed his death till you informed them.

On the 17th of July, one day before he died, he was said to be in a drama shooting until 10 o’clock at night, but there was actually no shooting on that day, he couldn’t be contacted, and he was missing since that morning, reported several media. What is the truth?
Please inform his schedule in detail on the 16th and 17th.

Did you get the result of analysis of the security camera footage at Haruma-san’s apartment?Some media reported a short height man with sunglasses caught on the camera at first, but that article is deleted now.  If it was a suicide, why is that man went into his place?

Many people watched it on the news on TV and wondered why it was deleted later as if it was not happening.  What do you think of it?


Also, Haruma-san’s cell phone has been missing since the incident happened. Who keeps his cell phone and personal computer now?  Was his call history on his phone analyzed if it was found?

On a later day,  they announced that the suicide note wasn’t found after all, although the part of his comitting suicide is not corrected yet.  Please explain the reason why you determined this was a suicide in the first place.

When was his contract renewal date? He didn’t seem to intend to renew his contract at this time, but is it true that you gave the pressure not to leave by saying that he  cannot use the name “Haruma Miura” or the main casting “Lora” of Kinky Boots will be passed onto somebody else if he doesn’t renew it?

When did they have the last shooting  NHK Program  “Seka-hoshi” (“The World is Filled With Goodies”)?  Many people point out that Haruma-san in the last drama “Kane-koi” and the one in Seka-hoshi look quite different. (Haruma-san in Seka-hoshi looks more lively and healthier)

It is said that Haruma-san wanted to leave the agency in 2018, but  is it true that you  refused it at that time?  Also, he moved to the apartment in Minato-ku last year.  Is it owned by your company?  And did you urge him to move there?

Report on AAA Charity event
Haruma-san had been vigorously working on the company’s annual charity event, AAA as one of the main members for more than 12 years since he believed that it helped sick children in Laos. However, the mere 300 million yen you have raised for the last 26 years is too little, no matter how you look at it. (For comparison, Johnny & Associates(another talent agency)collected more than 800 million yen in one year) 
Please give the detailed revenue report of each year’s event and the list of destinations for that money.

Also, you have established the “Miura Haruma Foundation”. On the other hand you have explained that you don’t need to have a press conference since his contract expired with you. Then why do you still use his name on the foundation? And how would you use the money collected under his name?Please give us a detailed explanation.

The other day you announced that the farewell event for Haruma-san which was originally planned at the end of the year would be postponed until July of next year, due to COVID-19.  On the other hand,  you seem to hold the annual charity event AAA as planned originally. Why is this not influenced?   (The number of infected people by coronavirus is recorded as most ever in November) 

Cold Shoulder by the Company

Looks like Haruma-san had been treated pretty badly although he was one of the main  artists of the company. For example: 

  • There was no birthday event only for Haruma-san for the last few years
  • They stopped making star’s calendars for Haruma-san after 2014, even though he was still popular
  • There were no big company’s TV commercials he starred in the recent years
  • They didn’t announce the release of his2nd single “Night Diver” (it was eventually announced after people complained of it)
  • He was originally assigned to the main character of the 2021 NHK drama “Seiten Wo Tsuke (青天を衝け), but somehow it was later forced to be replaced by Ryo Yoshizawa, who is another actor of the same company.
  • He had also been assigned to the major role of Fuji-TV drama “Diver” and he was forced to play in TBS drama “Okane no kireme ga Koi no Hajimari (Kane-Koi = Love will begin when money ends ) ” against his will
  • That Kane-Koi drama was not promoted by the company and people find numerous parts of gas-lighting doubt in the drama
  • He had a very busy schedule since 2018 with only few days off
  • The promotion of “Tengaramon(天外者)” didn’t mention him as a main character
  • The special episode wasn’t advertised in the NHK program “Seka-Hoshi (The world is filled with goodies)”
  • His single “Night Diver” was not requested as Platina Disc even though more than 250 thousand copies had been sold
  • The description of his earning of  ”Yomiuri Drama Award Sugimura Haruko Prize” was deleted after his death
  • On Haruma-san’s Instagram, the word “Remembering” disappeared and was edited by somebody each time

What do you think of the all of the points we addressed above?Did you especially notice him getting extremely bony and thin before his death?Talent agencies should take good care of their own artists, but don’t you think you were neglecting that part of management?  


His cremation was actually performed on the 19th, but if he had died on the 18th, performing the cremation on the next day is unusually too early, in the normal course of events. Is there any atypical reason you had to do it immediately?  And also, it is unclear where it was held.  Where, and who performed it as the chief mourner?

Target of Legal actions

On the Home Page of Amuse, you name some individual YouTubers and bloggers because you think they were spreading disinformation or defamation of your company, and so you’re threatening them that you were going to take some legal measures if they keep doing it. On the other hand, you didn’t seem to care or concern about weekly magazines which they’re talking about all kinds of Haruma-san’s private gossip, such as his mother begging for money from him all the time, or that he was addicted to drugs and alcohol and was depressed, or more recently, his family fighting over his inheritance. I remember you once said, you are going to fight to protect the honor of the deceased and his family. Why don’t you point them out and blame them at all then?

Why what you call rumor or defamation keep spreading is because I believe you haven’t yet disclosed the details of his death in a proper time sequence, or you change the story of what you have announced later, so that his fans wonder what was really going on and start feeling suspicious of your company. That’s easy to fix once you hold the press conference, but why are you still hesitating to do that? We all want you to admit your disclosure of the happenings causing this problem and sincerely explain what had happened to him on that day, before you blame common people.

The new recreation facilities the company built

The new training center was built in 2019 in Teshima, Kagawa-ken. How much did you spend for the land and its building in total?  If it was built for the purpose of training actors, it is quite inconvenient to have it at such a remote place.

Right after Haruma-san’s death, a statement addressed to the media to “report this as a suicide all day long”  happened to come out. Also, since we don’t hear anything about Haruma-san from your company’s staff, colleagues, and those related people, it seems like you are ordering them to keep silent on him. If he had really committed suicide, which is attributable to something else outside your company,  I feel it is quite unnatural to impose strict controls upon this matter.  What do you think about that?

 Where is Haruma-san’s mother and how is she doing?  (As many fans are worried about her since we have never heard of her)

What is the current position of Haruma-san like?  When his movies, books, and goods sell, where do those profits go?

Finally, I’d like to speak out as one of his fans:
Regarding his suspicious death, your bad behavior and poor support are opposite from the ones of first-class companies, and we can hardly believe what you announce every time. When people ask questions or speak out their doubts, it is outrageous to threaten them and make them shut up. The first thing you should do is try to explain what really happened to us to satisfy our doubts and answer our questions sincerely. 

As far as I know, Japan is still a democratic nation and we have a right to freedom of speech as Japanese citizens.

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