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The truth behind Haruma Miura’s suspected suicide (三浦春馬さんの死の真相)

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In Japan, a young famous actor named Haruma Miura(三浦春馬) suddenly passed away on July 18 of this year. 

After he didn’t appear at the site of his drama shooting, his manager visited his apartment in the afternoon and found him hanging in his closet. That was what they reported at first. 

Strangely, all of the media broadcasted this incident as a ”suspected suicide” right after this finding, so few people were doubting it and just felt very shocked. But as numerous unexplainable things were gradually revealed, people started doubting if it was really a suicide, and now many people online are pointing out the weirdness of the situation. 

More disturbingly, following his death, another actress whose name was Sei Ashina(芦名星) was found in the same manner. One week later, another actor called Takashi Fujiki(藤木孝) allegedly killed himself, and then another actress whose name was Yuko Takeuchi(竹内結子) allegedly committed suicide in the same way at home. They were all co-actor/actresses with Mr. Miura. This series of sudden deaths terrified the Japanese people, and they wondered what was going on in the entertainment world. 

However, the mass media reported these as definite suicides with little room for doubt. They even seem to try to distract us with some other attention-grabbing news and make us forget it. Usually, they focus on celebrities’ scandals or drug abuse too much; but this time, they were so quiet that it was scary. 

The reason why they don’t report this news at all is that this seems to be related to the current government corruption. The national authority is trying to exert power over police, talent agencies, hospital, and mass media, to hush them. 

This is what we assume was going on behind the curtain:
Mr. Miura had been participating in his agency’s charity event AAA (Act Against AIDS) Japan for the last 10 years and had even visited Laos 3 times. In the process, he had realized that the money they collected was not properly sent to the organization there. (The amount was about 1/10 of what he believed they collected!) That was around 2017 – he started to ask the organizer what was going on, and he even tried to increase the transparency of the money flow. This made the top executives of his agency annoyed because part of the money they collected was used for themselves and was also paid to the government as a relief. 

They needed to stop him from doing this. Mr. Miura wanted to resign from that dubious agency, but they didn’t want someone who already knew about their hidden money of secrets to leave them. On top of that, he was preparing to report this to a newspaper company (that was eavesdropped by his agency), so they began plotting to harass and threaten him to prevent it by all means. 

They made him extremely busy with work and didn’t give him a day off, or put him in a drama which was originally made to bully him and gaslighted him with numerous gimmicks. They tried to exhaust him physically and mentally and indirectly threatened him that they will take his life unless he renews the contract of the agency on July 17. It was obviously showing that his appearance has been shockingly changed in the final episode of the drama. 

He died in the closet of his home on the 18th, which was the next day of the contract renewal. The police announced that it seemed to be a suicide. 

The points which are suspicious are:

  • They haven’t revealed the details until now.
  • They changed the description of how and when they found him several times.
  • They won’t tell us about the recording of the security camera of his apartment.
  • They say his mobile phone is missing. Haven’t found it yet.
  • They announced “suspected suicide” right after they found his body without an autopsy.
  • They had a private funeral and cremated his body on the next day of his death, which is very rare to do.
  • The agency and his colleagues won’t talk about it much and they have kept quiet.

Those suspicious and mysterious things mentioned are only a part of it.
Everything looks bizarre and secretive, which makes us more and more anxious, but there are not many things we ordinary people can do. The media doesn’t seem to function and they keep their mouth shut also. It is a MEDIA BLACKOUT.

After Miura’s death, we Japanese people realized what a talented person he was. We realized how he was only being nice and honest, and how hard he was trying to fight against evil. He was always kind to others and had a positive attitude toward any job he had. He was vigorously studying English and Chinese to shine internationally someday, but that dream was destroyed by some dirty people all of sudden. We are very sorry about it and miss him extremely, but at the same time, we feel strongly about bringing the truth to light.

This is what is happening these days in Japan. The people who are trying to live honestly and correctly tend to be eliminated, and there is societal pressure not to speak out the truth. (In fact, main blogs which were talking about this including mine are all getting deleted by the blog operating company without notice.)

I am deeply concerned about the current social situation of this country and would like you to know about it and spread/report this article broadly.
(Written by Mariko Thompson)




事發後,由於所有媒體從一開始就宣稱這是“貌似是自殺”,所以機乎沒有人對此產生懷疑,這一切震驚各界,令人感到悲傷。逐漸地,公眾開始意識到有太多沒辦法理解的疑點。 (細節將在後面描述)


但是,日本媒體仍然以“自殺”為前提,每次只是簡單地報導這個事件。而接著播放其他娛樂新聞,有意借此令人們盡快遺忘這個事件的感覺。 以往對名人外遇事件和毒品案件時窮追不舍的媒體,唯獨對此事件如此保持沉默以對,不禁令人感到詭異。

從這裡開始,據說事實可能就是這樣的,三浦春馬參加了由他的事務所贊助的一項名為AAA(Act Against AIDS/防治愛滋病)的慈善活動10年以上。他曾經三次到訪老撾,過程中他注意到在慈善機構收取的資金沒有實質地傳送到老撾。 那是在2017年左右,然後他問事務所有關問題並試圖提高資金的透明化,事務所似乎對此感到不滿。 這筆錢被用於事務所本身和作為救濟金支付給政府,而實際上只有約10%發送到老撾。

事務所的力阻,而且他也有意離開舞弊的事務所,然而事務所認為知道這個秘密的人會洩漏出去。 而且春馬正準備向報社告發。(這決定被事務所竊聽),因此他們計劃不惜一切代價制止這種情況。


實際上,今年7月17日是他與事務所的續約日期,但奇怪的是他第二天去世了。 警察宣布他是自殺了。 詳細信息并沒有公佈。 而發現的日期和時間以及情況不斷更改,並且不明為何未能找到他的手機。 甚至沒有公佈他公寓裡的監控攝像的分析結果。 屍體被發現後,未經解剖就宣佈是 自殺。 第二天,即19日,他便被立即火化。 事務所和其他演員朋友對此事都絕口不提。


許多日本人在他離世後,意識到他是多麼的獨特,以及他的正氣為人。 至今仍然很多人為他的離世感到悲痛不已。春馬是一個認真積極,熱衷學習(努力學習中文及英文),前途無限的一個優秀年輕人。對未來充滿希望的他,就這樣突然被剝奪!


這就是現時在日本發生中的狀況。 日本將步向一個會抹殺掉那些認真、正直生活的人們,一個無法說真話的社會。












ここからは、おそらく真相はこうだろう、と言われていることですが、三浦春馬さんは、自分の所属事務所が主催するAAA(Act Against AIDS)というチャリティイベントに10年以上関わってきていて、実際に現地のラオスにまで足を運ぶ中で、チャリティで集めたお金がちゃんと現地に届いてないことに気づいたようです。それが2017年頃で、それから彼はそれについて事務所に問いただしたり、資金の透明化を図ろうと働きかけたりしましたが、そのことを事務所は疎ましく思っていたようです。というのも、このお金は、事務所自身や現政権への上納金として使われていて、実際にラオスに渡っていたのはそのうちのなんと10%ほどだったようです。 









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48 thoughts on “The truth behind Haruma Miura’s suspected suicide (三浦春馬さんの死の真相)

  1. パメラ

    Thank you so much to create this webpage and have both English and Japanese.

    I hope we can find justice for Haruma kun.

  2. Mic

    Thank you very much indeed for writing about Haruma Miura in English. After searching about Haruma, I’ve found that the consequence of his death was NOT suicide. Absolutely he got involved in darksides for sure. I would spread your web-site as much as possible, so please be very careful from the darksides world. 真理子さん♡応援しています。思いは同じです!

  3. Tricia Ross

    Thank you so so very much for doing that for Haruma San…. we need people like you to fight for Haruma… to restore his name… to righteously put things straight for the world!!!! We international fans will try our best to spread this and raise awareness of the truth ! Please be careful too! Thanks again!!! God bless all of us!

  4. Anne

    Thank you so much for creating this webpage for Haruma.
    Some people say Haruma posted some pictures in his instagram to leave important messages. I haven’t checked the pictures yet, but some people say in one of the pictures he left the number 563. Does this number mean Goro-san? Some people say 563 means an actor Goro Kishitani. He is one of the actors Haruma respected. Does Goro san have anything to do with Haruma’s death? I am wondering.

  5. 匿名

    真理子さん、突然失礼いたします。他にコンタクトの方法がわかりませんでしたのでこちらのコメント欄を使用させていただきたく思います。真理子さんの春馬君の死の真相を英文で書かれたものを拝見いたしました。こちらを世界中のより多くの方々に拡散する方法として、ユーチューバ―の方のお力を借りてはいかがかと思った次第です。なるとチャンネルというのをご存知でしょうか?この方は春馬君に関するこれまでの経緯などをたくさん動画であげられており、題目を英語表記にしておられます。それで、思いついたのですが、この方に真理子さんのお書きになった死の真相の英文を動画にして配信してもらうというのはどうでしょうか。The truth behind Haruma Miura’s Suspected Suicide に加え、 Kinky Boots’ Star などのキャッチ―な言葉も題目に入れば、目立ってより多くの人の目に入らないだろうか、と思った次第です。

    1. mariko



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          1. mariko

            先日発信していましたから、そういうことに関心があるのだと思います。 それも、まあダメもとでやってみますよ。

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    1. mariko


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    1. L. H.

      You think Nanking massacre is a made up propaganda? Wow

  8. まっこ

    アミューズHP→IR情報→ https://sp.amuse.co.jp/20201020/



  9. るう


    1. mariko

      文字化け、直せたと思うのでもう一度見てもらえますか? ありがとうございます。

  10. Lysa Serrano

    Believe me Miura’s cell phone is not missing, someone has it because Miura sent me a message on July 17 at 11:58 a.m. which in Japan was already 12:58 a.m. July 18. He sent me this message on Instagram saying “Thank you so much for being a devoted fan. With much love.” That day I did not notice the message and on September 22 I read his message very sad, I replied with a heart to his message and after three hours they deleted the message he sent me. That means that someone does have Miura Haruma’s cell phone in their possession.

    1. mariko

      Lysa, Thank you for writing to me about it. Is that true at all?! If so, this is very important… But I guess it might not to be from his phone but from his PC or tablet. (Haruma-san was using iPad, too)
      Where do you live? Were you registering yourself as his fan?

    2. Tampopo

      Lysa, thanks for sharing this. Do you mean that Haruma sent you a direct message? If so, could you please screenshot it and share it with us? As Mariko san says, it is very important evidence that he was alive at that time.

    3. Lusia

      So is there any prove for what you say or its just that you want to be? Because as more and more i read it seems to be like suicide. Same with Robbin Williams, Heath Ledger and etc

      1. 石田るり子


  11. jt

    This is why, I really got suspicious when there was a 2nd news about a celebrity suicide…..I have a gutt feeling that someone BIG is pulling the strings or giving orders…

    Rich billionaires/businessmen really does the nastiest things and treat other people like disposable things. Doesnt matter which country they live; They all give this kind of treatment . Disgusting selfish attitude.

    Im really glad I was able to watchi Haruma’s Attack on Titan film here in Manila. It may not be perfect but I enjoyed it and it entertained me.

  12. Mel Watanabe

    I’m only one of his million fans but I was crying when heard he was dead. I did not believe he was killing himself. I don’t know what’s going on with the people around him. He was good actor since he was young. I think it’s really unfair for him.
    Rest In Piece Miura Haruma.

    1. Masako

      Thank you very much for your articles.
      Should you have any help, please let me know.
      I would like to support!

      Liberal Democratic Party of Japan Yuko Obuchi’s spouse is TBS Katsuaki Setoguchi Director.

      1. Masako

        Hello Mariko san,

        Above note is talking about TBS drama,
        Would you please kindly have a look as FYI.


      2. Masako

        The Ariake Arena was built with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government tax. Amuse is a member company. This facility uses the taxes of Tokyo residents. I think it is inappropriate for a company whose artist commits suicide and sets up a third-party committee to not pursue external factors to take charge of facilities built with metropolitan tax.


  13. Natsu

    Thank you to share this, the world needs to know about

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  16. Anne

    A Japanese psychiatrist says:


  17. tore

    mariko, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us!
    i hope you will continue to shed light on haruma’s passing!

    i’m curious about your theory regarding the mishandling of the charity donations.
    can you provide us with any sources?

    thank you!

  18. aaa

    They have shut down the Act Against Aids organization as of July 20th, 2020.
    Could this be a coincidence?

  19. 穂積和子



    Thank you for this! especially in translating and writing this in English. I can’t find an article or website like this bc all of the news and articles I’ve read saying that he committed suicide.

    1. what happened to haruma miura

      Agreed, thank you for the translations. I usually skim though these kinds of news articles, especially when it’s about an actor I haven’t known about before. But the other articles were dodgy, which led me to dig deeper.

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    まりこ様  いつも理路整然と闇に向かっている姿勢に感動を覚えますし、心から応援しています。

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    Thank you for your due diligence in fighting fir the truth and justice for Haruma!
    I am a 68 year old woman in Florida, USA, I’ve seen one of his movies and liked it and thought he played a great part. A few weeks later I started having nightly dreams of this young man, also if I just closed my eyes in the car or at the table his face would appear. This was very strange to me, I mentioned it to my sister on the phone and a day later she called and subsequently sent me a news paper clipping from The NY Times, about Hamura suicide, I th hen looked it up online. This poor young man cannot rest until he is cleared of this suicide! He’s not resting easy, coming into my dreams and mind, I’m becoming obsessed with this whole situation. I want to help let him be at peace 💕

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  27. Ku

    I conduct spiritual readings. I have read on Haruma and came away with a feeling of not wanting to pass. While he is learning to be at peace with the transition, I came away with it being an unexpected departure. With all of the evidence brought forward, I am seriously beginning to believe that nefarious actions were carried out against Haruma to intentionally silence him for good. When will the truth be revealed?

  28. “July 17 at 11:58 a.m. which in Japan was already 12:58 a.m. July 18”
    Sorry Lysa Serrano but 25 hours of time difference is simply impossible. Incorrect calculation.

    Hi Mariko-San.
    I sometimes read (here and on other website) that the contract with the agency ended the day before or the same day but I never saw a reliable source or a document attesting to it. Could you give me one, please?
    I also read that a tweet had been published by Haruma-Kun saying something like: -Today something happened that totally denied my humanity …- I can’t find anything that speaks about it anymore and I can’t have never been able to see the original message or an image of this message. Do you know anything about it? Can it be true?
    Like you, I try to understand what could have happened that day but it is very difficult for me to find facts or concrete and usable evidence, relating to harassment or an assault or even depression?
    I hope you, you will achieve it.

    Thank you all for continuing to research what may have happened that day.

    I don’t speak English well, I hope I haven’t expressed myself too harshly.

    1. aya

      Thank you very much on sharing this information in English. I truly cried and in shocked when I heard the news. Something fishy is happening and lots of fans are in wonders. Hope justice will prevail soon.

  29. Happy

    Hello Mariko
    has there been any update or new information on this topic?
    Thank you for writing such an informative article.

    1. Pants on Fire

      Of course not – they are lies and bitch is being sued.

  30. ThomasThavY

    Absolutely with you it agree. Idea good, it agree with you.